About Us

Jet Black and the Cadillacs - IMEA Country Group of the Year

For the past 4 years Jet Black and the Cadillacs has been working to hone its skills and has worked to become a "student" of its craft. Focusing on live shows and recording great songs written by some of the best writers in town, Jet is on a mission and won't stop. "I don't know if I will ever reach my destination; all I know is that I have to go....and I'm not gonna stop."

Jet Black and the Cadillacs is an amazing, live band with GREAT songs that fans will be singing along with for years to come. "There is a shift that will be coming soon in country music, and we want to be a part of that TURN." "We have a lot to offer, and we know that there is an audience out there that wants what we have to give as a band."

Thank you to our fans for your continued support! We love you!!.....now tell yo friends...thankyouverymuch!